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Ride For a Cure Origin Story - with Maura Luxford

Gifts From the Edge
Gifts From the Edge

1st July, 2024

In this episode you will hear the moving true story of a mother's love. The heart-breaking passing of Hannah, and the gifts that Maura brought back from the Edge to share...

What would spur a mother to trek thousands of miles across rural and remote areas of Australia on a pushbike and horses?

Maura lived through every parent’s worst nightmare. She came out the other side on fire with a vision to create change by bringing a story to young people in rural and remote areas across the nation. That story is the journey of her first-born daughter Hannah, who tragically lost her life at 20 to melanoma.

'Ride for a Cure - Origin Story' is a powerful retelling of grit, courage, perseverance and love. In this episode we go back to where it all began...

Maura grew up in a large family of nine kids. Her playground, the travelling stock routes of Victoria and New South Wales, droving livestock with her parents Marie and Kevin. Much of her primary education was by correspondence in the 60’s and ‘70s with her Mum as her teacher. In the late ‘70’s Maura managed to get kicked out of one of the worst high schools in the state and finished Year 10 droving out the back of Bourke with her dad and 1400 head of cattle. Despite that she went on to graduate from university twenty years later with a degree in social sciences. Since then, she’s had a long career in community development and education.

It was in the 'TAFE-world' that we crossed paths, but it wasn't until I picked up her book, that I discovered the amazing stories, passion and wisdom that this woman had to share - and then I knew I needed to get her on here and share it with you all...

You can come and meet myself and Maura at the Passion to Profit and Maximise Mentoring micro business launch event!

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