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You're hungry for change.

You're ready to see breakthrough in your

business, school or social enterprise.

Congratulations. You're in the right place!

Purple Skies


Smart leaders know that change in their enterprise begins with them. Smart leaders know that unless they are taking care of themselves, they cannot create sustainable change.

The MX90 is designed for those ready to play a bigger game and get a premium level of coaching support. It also ensures that you are not just winning in your mission, but that you are experiencing joy and fulfilment in all 6 Lifestyle Domains:

MX90 is 10 x 75 minutes sessions over a 90 day (3 month) period and goes through 5 key phases:

  • Maximised Identity

  • Maximised Mindset

  • Lifestyle Design

  • Habits & Accountability

  • Flying Solo

AND THEN there's more...

You end the 90 days with a strategic plan to keep your momentum focussed and on-track for the NEXT 90 days as well!

Andrew remains available for support and will check in at the end of the 'Flying Solo' phase to reflect on the amazing results you've achived and help you set even bigger goals for the next chapter.

Meeting Room Business


Imagine if everyone was working to their strength, maximising their learning potential, committed to a healthy lifestyle outside of work so that they could bring their A-game every day.

Imagine a workplace that shared struggles and celebrated wins. That supported one another's family-life and was wholly committed to realising the vision of the company.

That's what we can acheive with the Culture + Strategy  building workshops.

We simultaneously and synergistically develop a core-vision and core-values based team AND identify and development the 'organisational character' required to make that vision a reality.

The Culture + Strategy building workshops run over 90 days and are tailored to meet your budget and the needs of the team.

Book an initial Strategy Session and talk to Andrew about Speaking & Workshops to bring out the best in you and your team.


Which comes first?

An empowered culture or team purpose?

Sustainable change requires that you develop both elements together.

On a discovery call with Andrew you will unpack your team's greatest challenges and discuss some simple , but powerful ways you can shift your team culture to bring about change.

Andrew has facilitated dozens of workshops for teams and is passionate about fostering positive, respectful and activated organisational cultures, empowered to achieve their purpose!



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