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How I went from in-debt "misfit" to helping hundreds of parents and teens start living with vision, joy and confidence.

Before Blueprint youth programs began reshaping the face of education. Before MAXIMISE Lifestyle Coaching began helping parents and professionals find their 'sweet spot' in life. Before the dream for 10,000 success stories was even considered - there was a man who didn't belong anywhere. . .

Often pushing too hard.  Regularly misunderstood.
But scared.
Scared to let his family down and leave a legacy of hardship for his wife and 5 beautiful children.
Scared of what others might say.

But even more afraid of. . .  being ordinary.


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Beyond Ordinary - but nowhere special...

I quit teaching several times over the past 10 years.
I started several businesses. Stumbling in the dark, not sure what entrepreneurship was, and even less clear on how to make it work.
And several times I ended up back at school. 
It was what I knew - and it was safe.

I climbed the ladder - innovative projects and a delirious work-ethic cannot help but get noticed. 
Projects were launched and applauded.
Awards were presented and hung on the wall.
But the questions kept coming back . . .

Why does everything I achieve feel so unsatisfying?
What was I meant to be doing?

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I took a leap - and learned the hard way...

I left mainstream teaching in 2014. I think I'd outstayed my welcome anyway. The next few years were a roller-coaster ride, and not in the;
"I'm-squealing-with-delight-because-this-is-so-much-fun"  kind of way.

More like the; "hang-on-or-die"  kind of way.

(HIGH) ● I established a satellite school program with a small number of kids who had failed or withdrawn from the mainstream setting and had 90%+ attendance rates (from kids who literally hated school)

(LOW) ● My wife telling me excitedly that the op-shop gives away free, day-old bread and so that's just another way we'll be able to cut costs on our grocery bill to make ends meet through this starting-a-business season.

(HIGH) ● I was asked to run the Tutorial Centre - a special unit for disengaged students. I was able to connect with struggling teens and help them and their families through some tough, complex times.

(HIGH) ● We found out we were pregnant again. (Number 6)
(LOW) ● Holy crap! How is this going to work?

(LOW) ● I tried to make more money day-trading (at-night). I spent my day at work then another 4-5 hours at night on the Forex trading platform. My wife wasn't happy about the hours we weren't spending together, but said she trusted I knew what I was doing.
A month later gold crashed and I'd lost $15,000 - on a credit-card - in 2 hours.
I was in semi-shock. The same day - we went to the doctors and found out Sofia had lost the baby. I couldn't help but feel that it was stress-related - a byproduct of the lifestyle I had created. . .

(HIGH) ● I was asked to be the programming specialist for a special alternate school to be set up in the area to help troubled kids and their families. I thought hard about it and took the leap. It was a risk. I had to cash in all my long-service leave. It was an exciting but risky concept, but I felt positive about it.

(LOW) ● The school was a train-wreck. From Day 1 it was clear that the Head Teacher and Principal had no clue how to make it work and that I'd made a huge mistake taking the job. Every staff member resigned at the end of the first year.

(LOW) ● I considered cashing in my life-insurance. I had a healthy premium paid up. I mulled over the question for weeks - "how much better off would my family be with the money instead of me?"

I was tired of the ride. I was ready to puke my guts out.
I literally wanted to get off.
It was a pretty dark time.

But I made a discovery. . .

 I learned that the challenges that I was facing weren't just for me! 
Time and time again, I found myself sharing parts of my story with friends, with clients, with students - and I began to see the purpose in it all...

I learned that I was here for a reason.

I learned that being a 'leader' doesn't necessarily mean having it all together, but it means being motivated for change and willing to take the action to make that happen. I realise that staying stuck in your own sense of inadequacy doesn't help anyone.

I got hungry. I took courses. I got coaching. I read books.
I created several award winning courses and helped hundreds of people to reach their goals...

And yet something was still missing...

A crisis in our marriage brought it all to a head.
The hurts. The struggles. The disappointments and the grief.

We sought counselling and mentorship, and stumbled across a teaching series called 'Soul Care' by Rob Reimer. 

As a coach, I never really gave counselling much credence. Coaching is future focussed and counselling is mostly about the past. I understood how others might benefit from it, but for me, I thought; "The past is done. You can't change the past. Let's talk about the future!" It sounds silly to say it now, but I didn't actually realise how much of the past I was carrying around with me, how much it was dictating my choices and therefore shaping my future!

The Soul Care journey helped me to discover how I had been hard-wired to idolise achievement and equate it with acceptance. 
I had tied my innate value to what I could 'do' instead of 'who' I was.

NOW I have rediscovered that the cornerstone to any success story of eternal value, is Jesus himself. He is the author, the enabler, and the ultimate coach - showing us how to live in awe and trust of God's good nature.

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 My coaching is different now...

I still help help people to achieve great things - but not because they need it to prove their worth. My coaching rests firmly on the unfailing love, goodness and acceptance of God. When God is for you, who can stand against you - right!?  Jesus lived, and died, and lives on still, so that we can experience 'abundant living' - each in our own unique way. My coaching is based on the discovery and the outworking of that purpose.

A faith-filled life brings God glory on the earth. It expands his kingdom of love and sees men and women thriving in freedom and abundance!

One day, these stories that we have created together, the struggles, the breakthroughs, the challenges and the victories will all be told in heaven - and at that time we will humbly step forward and hear our creator say; 'Well done!' 

Triumphant Hiker

Over the years I have become known for my ability to guide people through complex life problems by breaking them down into step-by-step processes.

My training and experience in design, in education, in coaching, all the ups and downs in my work, business and family life combined with my determination to help others grow in faith has led me to develop a powerful coaching system inspired by the Stanford design process and Joseph Campbell's 'Mono Myth' (or Hero's Journey).

  •  Identity  - Who are you? Recognising your value and the Call.

  •  Mindset  - aligning and optimising your thought processes

  •  Ideas & Inspiration  - discovering new possibilities

  •  Vision & Strategy  - a smart lifestyle design for YOU!

  •  Habits & Accountability  - regular check ins to keep you on track

  •  Flying Solo  - thriving in what you have gained

  •  Impact  - sharing with others and making a difference

Want to start your own hero's journey?

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  A bit more about me... 

  • I have studied, taught and co-authored 6 books on design and creative process. Also a personal development book - Thrive by Design.

  • I have been awarded (x3) for my contributions to education at various levels - mainly linked to my innovative work developing personalised learning experiences students.

  • I grew up playing in the bush. I have never lost my lost for nature and the outdoors.

  • I love 'The Matrix - best movie of all-time, but also any inspiring true stories - The Blind Side, Remember The Titans and Freedom Writers all make my top 10 list.

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"Designing the 'perfect life' doesn't start with what you want to get, it starts with recognising what you already have and learning how you can share your gift with others."


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