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It's called,
'Maximise Mentoring'

Designed to take established entrepreneurs and their businesses from fledgling to flourishing!

This course is perfect for you if...
☑️ You are a passionate entrepreneur who is ready to reap the rewards for your hard work!
☑️ You are ready to go to the next level and recognise the value of a coach
☑️ You understand that mindset and a happy, healthy lifestyle is a key part of running a successful business (and life!)
☑️ You are able to commit 2 full days this semester for live training + 1 hour/week for 18 weeks as an investment in your future

☑️ You are not yet in a position to pay for individual business coaching

Business Meeting
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Now delivering an empowering
business and lifestyle mentoring program
for entrepreneurs ready to boost their business!

(This is a fully subsidised course!)



We start this journey in one big room - all together.
You will meet other passionate, like-minded entrepreneurs and revisit the 'why' for your business.
Re-establish your core-purpose and get laser-focused clarity for the months ahead.

Watching Video Lecture


As well as the live-events, there are 3 key online webinars where you will learn how to generate leads and then turn many of these luke-warm leads into an engaged audience of raving fans! You'll also learn how to implement smart, time-saving systems so you can handle the abundance when you 3x your customer base.

Working at Home


This is where we get intimately acquainted with the intricacies of YOUR business - how it works, the personal challenges you are facing - and together we develop personalised solutions to help you break through. I am committed to your success. On a fortnightly call (at a time that suits you) I will hold you accountable to your actions and on track and focussed, moving toward your goals. Personal coaching is not just about business - it is another set of ears and eyes that can help you in all aspects of life. It's all connected. One part affects the other. MY goal is to see you winning - in every aspect of life. ❤️

Clapping Audience


We will wrap this journey up, just like we started it - all together.
You will reconnect with the people you met months ago, and hear the wonderful stories of breakthrough and success - and you will tell yours too! You will likely share, that it wasn't easy, but with the key online trainings, the fortnightly support and radical accountability - you are now so grateful and proud of what you've achieved in such a short space of time!

I'd like to know more!

This is a FULLY SUBSIDISED COURSE for residents of NSW.
(That means a special funding called 'Smart & Skilled' pays the $6000+ coaching fee for eligible participants to take part!)

If this sounds like it would be a good fit for you, enter your details below and we'll be in touch with some more information as soon as the program is launched.

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