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Welcome to the 'Edge'

January 16, 2023


I am super pumped to be writing this - my first intro for the new podcast!

If you've been following me a little while, you would know that we've shared more than 80 episodes - most of them 'mini-trainings' on my previous podcast - The Blueprint.

But at the end of 2022, I began to move all my youth programs AND my adult coaching programs all under one banner - my name and my teaching platform:

And as a part of that, I felt that I had a new message to share with my podcast media too.

It's called: 'Gifts from the Edge'.

Gifts from the Edge is a reference to the hero's journey - which forms such an integral part of my coaching process. It's been front of mind since the Thrive by Design book launch last year, particularly as I wrote the 'Maximised Impact' phase of the book.

This podcast is for leaders.

Leaders now - and leaders in the future.

You might not think of yourself in that way - but I can assure you, if you're a parent trying to create a happy atmosphere in your home, then you are a leader. If you are an employee, trying to create a positive work culture, then you are a leader. If you are a professional who is good at what you do, and you're thinking about stepping out on your own and doing something unique OR sharing your knowledge with others through education - then YES! You are a leader too!

Leaders are ordinary men and women (like me and you) who no longer want to settle for ordinary.

In future episodes, you will meet people just like that, who have been there and done it. They've ventured into the Wilderness. They've listened to the call and done something DIFFERENT to everyone else. And they will share some of this hard-won wisdom from their time there. THAT is the 'Gifts from the Edge'.

Today I'm unpacking my own version of Joseph Campbell's mono-myth (or the hero's journey) - see below:

to help you better understand the journey that we're ALL a part of - and also the important place and role that mentors play in this story - your story.


Once you've had a listen, be sure to subscribe AND go and take the NEW LIFESTYLE DESIGN QUIZ! Like everything else around here, it's been upgraded as a part of the new brand launch and I've got to say, I'm pretty proud of it. Not just the quiz, but also the customised content and resources that will be sent out to you, once I know a little more about you.


Links mentioned in this episode:


"The answers you need are never very far away - you just need to know the right questions to ask."

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