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Ready to play a bigger game?

Break free from frustration, self-doubt and unproductive thinking.
Into a clarity and purpose that, not only transforms the way you see yourself, but leaves others around you wondering how you did it…

Before we get into the details about this life-shaping program, let’s talk about who it’s really for…

You’re a big-thinker with a big-heart.
You care for people. You’ve worked hard and followed the rules – but there’s more for you. You know it. Something deep inside tells you that changing yourself is the key to changing your future.

Whether you’re – 

☑️  A helping professional who knows that education is the key to impact. You want to reinvent yourself, scale your influence and help more people.

☑️  Feeling stuck in a job that pays the bills but does little else. You are creative at heart but feel polarised and one-dimensional. You know that you have more to offer but you’re on 'an approved path' and you’re wondering - is it too late to change?

☑️  A parent who sees the spark is missing in their family, who wants to bring back the joy and laughter and knows that those fun, memorable moments are priceless, eternal and worth creating.

You’re in the right place and I’m going to show you exactly how MX90 can unlock your true potential and help you design a lifestyle that will excite and motivate you and inspire others...

Quiet Desk

By the end of MX90, you will have...

☑️   A clearly articulated definition of success that will guide your future efforts and wins.

☑️   A strong sense of personal identity and purpose – a mission that drives action and fuels motivation.

☑️   Trained extensively in cutting-edge mindset principles – the peak performance techniques used by the best master coaches in business, education and family-life from all around the world!

☑️   Created your own personalised Lifestyle Design Strategy – with new insights and smart, practical action steps to help you reach your goals.

☑️   Cultivated a suite of personal habits that align with your successful self and put your success-story onto auto-pilot.


☑️   Taken part in regular, live accountability sessions to keep you focussed and on track.

☑️   Completed a 90-day success-cycle under the guidance of a qualified and experienced life coach AND designed your own new 90-day success-cycle, ready to fly solo and continue your winning streak!

Cloudy Fog

I still felt I had more to contribute...

Andrew managed to untangle my internal fog through a series of sessions that (amongst much more) helped me clarify my goals for my future; prioritise my core values; set into practice daily habits which have honestly made a huge difference to me.




Tapping into Identity

Who you are and who you're called to be is at the core of living the Maximised Life.

Get this part right and you're well on your way to feeling happier, more excited, more connected and inspired by who you are. Once you get it, no one can ever take that away.

Phase 1 Highlights:

☑️   Sort through the chaos. Unburden yourself from yesterday so you can look forward to tomorrow. A new day is coming!

☑️   Make rapid shifts as you connect the dots and see truth dropping into place.

☑️  Design smart goals, a clear north-star for your success.

☑️   Grow in confidence as your unique sense of self gets clearer every day. Get excited as you discover that the real you is powerful and strong and created for a purpose!


Mindset Training

Learning to think and live smarter. 
Every breakthough happens in the mind first.

Andrew is an expert in mindset. He has authored courses, training resource is, and presented to hundreds of people on how to maximise mindset. 

Phase 2 Highlights:

☑️   Improve memory, concentration, creative thinking skills, happiness levels and resilience.

☑️   Prime yourself to learn faster and more effectively.

☑️   Improve communication and relationships.

☑️   Improve focus and productivity.

☑️   Break free from tired old methods that don't work and learn how to think and function at your best.


Design Your Strategy

Here we take the passion, motivation, and excitement, that was unlocked in Phase 1, refined and supercharged in Phase 2, and now we design a smart, aligned action-plan that will become your road map for success over the coming weeks.

This works for ANY goal:

  • Better family connection and relationships,

  • Better work outcomes in productivity,

  • A happier pathway aligned with your core purpose,

  • A bigger impact through education,

  • Or anything else that you can dream of...

Phase 3 Highlights:

☑️   Consolidate the mission - your identity as the foundation for a strategic plan

☑️   Review the goal - is it aligned? - are we on track?

☑️   Design the action - ny now you've already been making some powerful, smart choices. TIme to lock them into a framework and commit to a timeframe for change.

☑️   The strategy is YOUR blueprint - sure, I'm going to help, to question and guide when needed, but the answers are already inside you - this process just makes them real.


Habits & Accountability

Once you have designed your lifestyle plan, regular, consistent action is what makes it real. This is where many people stumble when they're on their own. Pre-existing neural-pathways are so strong that we make all sort of excuses to ourselves to maintain the status quo. Human beings are designed for greatness, but we often want to just settle for comfortable.

Phase 4 Highlights:

☑️   Check in regularly with your coach who knows you, knows your call, knows your goal, knows the people depending on you to succeed - and will ask you to honour that truth.

☑️   Week by week, life gets easier. Diligence pays off. Successes accumulate. Before you know it, 'winning' is the new normal. You will look back, astounded at your progress.


Flying Solo

At the end of 13 weeks, much has changed. You are not the same person you once were. In the final session, you will reflect on the journey and celebrate the success. Together with your coach, you will map out a plan for the NEXT 90 days. This is where you take what you've learned, and extend it. 

Phase 5 Highlights:

☑️   Turn what was a 90 day adventure into a 6 month epic! Double the value of this program by applying what you have learned and flying solo.​

☑️   You can reach out and check in with your coach at any time.

☑️   Your coach will touch base with you again in 12 weeks past the end of your MX90 program to see how you are travelling. We love hearing how much our clients are winning in life!


Maximised Impact

MX90 is about breakthrough. It's changing your outcomes by changing your actions in smart, specific ways, with the support of a coach. Once you have broken through to that next level, you are (or you will be) compelled to give back. To teach. To take what you have learned and share it with others - to make life better.


That's impact. MX360 can help you do this.

☑️   Transform your knowledge into education. Become a thought-leader and influencer in your field.

☑️   Build a community around your passion. Make money doing what you love.

☑️   Improve communication and relationships.

☑️   Surround yourself with other smart, empowered, activated individuals - like yourself in our Mastermind meetups. Learn from their expertise and share your experiences with them.

Image by Keith Misner

So you can see, MX90 is way more than just a few coaching calls...



☑️   A 5-Phase, proven coaching framework that has helped men and women just like you design their own version of the Maximised Life - a life they can be proud of.

☑️   Expert training to master the fundamentals of mindset so you are primed to bring your A-game into every challenge you encounter.

☑️   A holistically designed strategy document with actions to help you get happier, more focussed and taking regular, achieveable steps toward your goals.

☑️   A SECOND 90-day Lifestyle Blueprint to guide you through the next success-cycle as you fly solo.

☑️   Regular coaching sessions with an experienced lifestyle designer/coach to keep you focussed on track.

MX90 is client-directed - this means that although we use a proven coaching framework, the goals, topics and content areas we discuss are up to you. The process, however is guided by your coach. This is ensure that we don't get stuck at any point during the lifestyle design process and we make sure that you end up getting the results you are after.

What is the real value of this?

How do you put a value on a happy family-life, relationship shifts that pay divedends for years to come? Or a previously elusive breakthrough in your work or business? Or an immeasurable impact in the lives of people who need your help?

Most people describe this as 'a priceless gift'

new life academy - white - logo only.png

I've also added these bonus resources to fast-track your success...


Lifetime access to Dangerous Minds 

(Value = $297)

More than 100 students have been through the Dangerous Minds course and learnt about: Perceptual Positions, Growth Mindset, how to leverage happiness to their advantage, how to optimise your mind for better mood, memory, concentration, creativity and relationships. The final module 'The Call' is all about getting clear on your purpose.

Intro DM1_Moment.jpg
happiness thumbnail.jpg
thumbnail growth.jpg
optimised thumbnail.jpg
the call thumbnail.jpg

Highlights include:

  • The Positioned Mind - learn about perspective + practical activities on how to train yourself to 'see' more.

  • The Happy Mind - positive psychology and neuro-science are cutting edge disciplines that are discovering more about the benefits of 'happiness' everyday! Be a part of the revolution.

  • The Growth Focused Mind - learning requires the right 'attitude' - do you sabotage or reinforce success with your thinking? This module will show you how to prime your mind to learn better.

  • The Optimised Mind - Your brain is an incredible thing - it makes up much of who you are - time to get it firing at its best.

  • The Call - no more science - now it's time for some deeper, soul-searching questions - who are you? what are you called to share with the world? This module will help you to get clear on these big questions.


Thrive by Design + The 'Vault'

(Value = $297)

This is a big one. I've been developing proprietary coaching resources since 2015.
In 2022 I published a powerful coaching book called Thrive by Design.
When you sign up for MX90 BREAKTHROUGH I will give you yor very own signed copy PLUS free access to the bank of online resources that go with it.
This is a 'living resource' - it's changing, expanding and growing all the time.

Highlights include:

  • Easy access to all the planning documents we use in the MX90 & MX360 coaching experiences.

  • Printable Calendars, Planners, and other Life Design documents

  • Quizzes and activities developed with Blueprint Partners to support your growth in Health&Fitness, Fun&Adventure, Business&Finance, Romantic Connection, Physical Space, and Family Time

Image by Keith Misner



Value = Priceless.
(but let's say $5000)
$193/week for 6 months



(Value = $297)

Intro DM1_Moment.jpg


(Value = $297)

male touching display to unlock system b

When you put that all together, that's a real-world value of $5,594

But my mission is measured in impact.
My call is to maximise the human experience.
For the men and women who BELIEVE the dreams in their heart ARE possible, and who are ready to make smart action to achieve it, I've committed to make MX90 totally affordable...







Plus, when you join the MX90 coaching experience, you'll be backed by a 21-day satisfaction guarantee...

Let me say this upfront.

I've been doing this life-coaching gig for quite a few years now and I know how to get results. I've guided hundreds of youth, parents, educators and entrepreneurs to personal success and I'm confident I can do the same for you. 

That's why I boldly offer this 21-day money back guarantee from the time of enrolment so you can have multiple sessions with me and see if coaching is going to be a good fit for you.

If you're in any way feeling uncertain about MX90, your next best move is to book a call with me and let's get clear on the goals you'd like to achieve together without any pressure.


Here are some questions that others have asked before jumping into MX90...

  • How long does it take and where do we meet?

MX90 is a 90-day program. We start meeting weekly, then after the strategy is designed, we hit the Habits & Accountability phase, we shift to fortnightly sessions. There are 10 sessions all together. Each session goes for 50-75 minutes and is booked in advance at a mutually convenient location or online.

  • What if I have more than one goal?

That's not unusual - and we make it work. As we refine the goal we can develop a multi-faceted, holistic positive statement that encapsulates all you want to achieve. Often after some discussion it becomes clear that ONE aspect of your goal is the key for the other smaller goals to rest on. That ONE cornerstone is where we will spend most of our time, while still setting you up for wins in the other areas.

  • How does the payment plan work?

The payment plan can be set up by you, via an automated bank transfer. Or you can use a credit card which will be processed via Paypal or Stripe. 

  • Can I talk to someone to see if MX90 will be a good fit for my circumstance?

Of course.  It's the smart thing to do. Not every coach/client is the right fit. Having a chat before hand, getting clear on your goals, hearing more about your coaches background and experience, and learning more about the process will help you to make the right decision. 

  • I'm new to personal development and life-coaching, will MX90 be too advanced for me?

No. Personal coaching meets you where you're at. New to the process is usually an advantage. You'll see faster gains and you won't be sidetracked by what you think you already know! MX90 is perfect for first-timers.

Got more questions?

Still unsure?

I get it.
Life change can be scary.
But you owe it to yourself to get on a call with me if...

☑️   You have more to give. You're a creative person. You might not have thought of yourself this way because you've followed a traditional path, but the ideas are there, you just need a framework to pursue them.

☑️   Your day-job is no longer inspiring or bring out your best - there has to be more! What if there was a way to fast-track your road to self-discovery and start a new adventure that makes you come alive again? It's not as hard as you think, but easy to get lost without a guide.

☑️   You have a new project you can't afford to mess up.

New business? New relationship? A project that matters to you!

You want to make it work but are not sure you have what it takes to pull it off... I want to tell you YOU DO! You just need someone to support you, to hold you accountable and help you find the smart-action for maximum impact. Don't live a life constantly puncuated by failure, disappointment or regret.

☑️   You want your family back. Somewhere along the line you lost the spark - be it your partner, or a teenage child, you want to reconnect. You know it wouldn't take much, but you've tried and you're struggling to break old relational habits. Don't spend the next few years growing steadily colder, wondering, guessing... Fast-track your way back to warmth, healing and genuine conversations.

Andrew is an amazing mentor...

Andrew helped my child and I after he was as being bullied at school. A great positive mentor. With 5 kids of his own he has a lot of experience. Lol. I highly recommend Andrew Lord for kids and adult coaching!!!! So grateful. 🙏🙌🌈😊


Andrew Lord - Low res-49.jpg

Personally, I cannot wait to work with you over the next 90-days...

Personal Coaching has literally changed my life.

I know what it's like to feel lost, unsure and frustrated with my circumstances. I know what it feels like to not be making the impact I've hoped for and to feel like I'm letting down the people who care about me most.

I also know how it feels to be living life on your own terms. To feel inspired and connected everyday and to support my family and my community doing something that I love.

If you're a parent, educator or entrepreneur, you owe it to yourself to book an obligation-free call, share with me your struggle and hear about how I can help.

Experience joy, adventure, hope, and a self-belief that only comes from a clearly defined, heart-centred purpose.

Sign up today - or book a call to learn more.

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