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Welcome to



Join an elite mastermind of dreamers-turned-doers,
an inspiring group of parents, educators and entrepreneurs
100% committed to living the maximised life - everyday!

Let's not waste time.

This is a life-shaping mastermind like no other,

BUT do you qualify?

You are ready to join the MX360 if:

☑️  You are an MX Graduate. You've successfully participated in one of our  coaching programs in the past such as:

  • MX07 Unlock >>

  • MX90 Breakthrough >>

  • Dangerous Minds >>

  • Passion to Profit >>

  • Maximise Mentoring >>

  • Thrive by Design Book + Membership >>

☑️  You understand Andrew's 'inside-out' coaching modality. You've spent some time exploring your core-identity and discovering your Call/Mission. Practicing Mindset and Lifestyle habits, and know how to build a smart strategy for success.

☑️  You have shared your story with others. You are so proud of the change and improvement you experienced in the past, that you've just had to tell other people about it. If you haven't yet, click here to tell your story...

☑️  You're ready to live all-out! You love the wins you've already had and now you want to see that in EVERY aspect of your life - business, passion-projects, family, fun & adventure, health & fitness, romantic connection, shaping your physical world and of course undergirding it all - ongoing personal growth.

Sound like you?


Then you’re in the right place and I’m going to show you exactly how MX360 will take you to a whole new-level of the maximised life that previously, you were afraid to believe was possible... 

Quiet Desk

By the end of MX360, you will have...

☑️   Refined and reinforced beyond a shadow of doubt a clarity of purpose that fills you with a strong sense of confidence and motivation.

☑️   Mastered mindset in 4 key areas:

  • happiness 

  • perception and communication

  • courage and growth

  • creative intelligence

☑️   Worked with a Health & Fitness expert to get you in shape - more active and feeling great. Able to do those things that matter most to you.

☑️   Learned from a real professional adventurer and been inspired to create your own memories that will last forever.


☑️   Worked with relationship coach to foster deeper romantic connection, understanding, and intimacy with your life-partner.

☑️   Taken part in a creative process with amazing designers to create your own beautiful personal space that fills you with a sense of peace and belonging. 

☑️   Worked with a family-coach to develop a richly rewarding family life. Positioned and equipped yourself as a leader/s in your home, nurturing and supporting the ones you care about.

☑️   Worked with business experts to breakthrough to a new level in business or your personal passion-project so that you are blessing the people around you.

☑️   Mastered the habits of success. 

☑️   Successfully complete FOUR  90-day success cycles, all under the guidance and support of your coach, compounding your wins every time.

☑️   Connected with a new network of friends and supporters - a tribe who lives and breathes to be their best and empower the people around them.

Andrew managed to untangle my internal fog through a series of sessions that (amongst much more) helped me clarify my goals for my future; prioritise my core values; set into practice daily habits which have honestly made a huge difference to me.


Image by Keith Misner

To apply for a place on our next MX360 intake, complete the form below...

Or book a call to find out more...

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