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The 7 Mountains of Influence - with Bronwyn O'Brien

26 May, 2024

Let your kingdom come.
Let your will be done.
On earth, as it is in heaven.

It must be one the most familiar bible verses in the world, and arguably the most well recognised prayer ever. When his disciples asked Jesus "how should we pray" - this was the simple recipe he gave them - that if the rule and reign of love, could come down and be manifest on earth... then everything else would take care of itself. THAT is how simple it is.

The catch is, as it always has been, that this must come through us...

So, how does that happen?

In today's episode of Gifts From the Edge, Bronwyn O'Brien shares how Abundant Living is expressed when, with divine inspiration and guidance, we each discover and walk in our God-given purpose.

Bronwyn's book expounds a prophetic insight from the mid 1970s about the '7 Mountains' - basically, that culture is shaped by 7 different 'mind-moulders' or spheres of influence. And that transformation of society will come (ie: the Kingdom of God revealed) when believers are activated within these 7 spheres.

The 7 Mountains are:

  • Media (includes news, social and internet sources)

  • Education (includes schools, universities, technical colleges and online platforms)

  • Spirituality (includes churches and other centres of worship)

  • Family (includes wellbeing, health and relationships)

  • Celebration (includes music, arts and sports)

  • Government (at all levels)

  • Economy (or Business)

There is obviously a big degree of cross-over and interchange between these 7 spheres, however the more I read her book, the more I recognise how useful this model could be as way to bring people clarity and confidence for people trying to serve the Lord.

By in large, Christians are sold the idea that in order to see God's Kingdom come on the earth, that they need to be active within the 'Spirituality Mountain' - more specifically the organised church structure. Which leaves about 90% of believers feeling that their contribution is either tokenistic, OR just non-existent. Try as they might, they just can't get excited about the spaces they see available. THAT has kept thousands of believers inactive and as a result we rarely see our communities transformed the way Jesus (and we) have prayed.

A Practical Guide for Understanding God's Purpose For Your Life.

To be clear, the 7 Mountains concept that Bronwyn shares is NOT about 'dominionism'.

It's not about making society 'Christian' through political and other spheres of power. It's not even about power - it is about expression. It's about finding YOUR place, and in that place, being who you truly are, authentic, humble and kind. Serving others, and in so doing revealing the heart of a loving God. THAT is the Kingdom. That is TRUE LEADERSHIP.


Links and sources mentioned in this episode:


"The answers you need are never very far away - you just need to know the right questions to ask."

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