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Making Dreams Come True for Children in Uganda - with Pastor Kayongo Rogers

(A Christmas Special)

Gifts from the Edge Podcast

December 4, 2023

This week, we're chatting with Pastor Kayongo Rogers who is sharing his amazing story of survival, healing and redemption!

He was conceived after his mother was raped by her sister's brother, but she was driven by shame and pressure from her family to abort the baby. Three times she was taken to clinics and all three times the abortions were unsuccessful. The child survived.

That child was Kayongo Rogers. However because of the abortion attempts, he was born 'lame' - his feet upside down and unable to walk properly. He was sent away to another village where he suffered rejection and mistreatment - regarded as a curse on his family. 😔

LISTEN NOW - to how Rogers was introduced to the love of God, was reunited with his mother after many years, met a doctor who changed his life, and then experienced a miraculous recovery - to where he is today - a father to the fatherless - changing children's lives for the better!


The Seed to Need Fundraising Association is partnering with Pastor Rogers to host a series of events in January and to offer a suite of Gift bundles for Christmas!

Christmas Treats Bundle

The treats we take for granted is a delightful joy for the children at the Dream Centre.

Put a smile on all their faces this Christmas for just $20


Sports Kits

So much joy can found in such a simple thing - like a ball, or a soccer net, or a bat.

Imagine the fun!

Just $30


Education Resources

Education can change lives in Uganda - especially for those who otherwise would never get the opportunity. Boost a child's learning with a resource kit - just $50


Musical Instruments/Lessons

Imagine the joy and bonding that hours of singing songs together will bring...

THAT is the gift of music!

Drums, Guitars, Percussion, Lessons - $100


Gym & Play Equipment

Play spaces are not just for fun and keeping fit - they are a facility that the whole community can enjoy, making the Dream Centre a place that other children want to visit and make friends! - invest in a community for $300


Goat or Pig enclosure

You can empower a community with a goat or pig enclosure. Turning a 'meal' into a breeding program that will feed many families into the future. Invest in a community for $500


Links mentioned in this episode:


"The answers you need are never very far away - you just need to know the right questions to ask."

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