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You Have the Power to Change Stuff - with Daniel Flynn

26 April, 2024

This episode has been more than 12 months in the making - for me - and more than 15 years in the making for Daniel...

You see I first connected with Daniel's story at the Luminosity Youth Summit, and the message of holding onto hope and persevering, even when it seems like everything is stacked against you, couldn't have come at a better time. And so as Daniel was jumping in the car that was about to take him to the airport, I was compelled to let him know - and shared those 2 simple words that embody the gratitude for human connection... 'Thank you'.

Months later, on a holiday, I consumed his book - Chapter One, which he radically decided to offer for a 'pay what you want' price - and it was more of the same! Inspirational story after inspirational story - all embedded with profound lessons so relevant to me in life and business. It had such an impact on me that I decided 2 things:

  1. I wanted to meet Daniel again. I wanted to talk with him and hear more of his story and glean from his experiences. I was willing to wait till heaven for that conversation, but knew the learning would be a lot more useful if we could chat before then!

  2. That I was going to offer MY book for a pay whatever you want price too 😊

It still is.

I wrote Daniel a letter and we set up a time to meet online, but just couldn't seem to get it together. So many times we tried, until it got to the point I thought it might never happen - and then it did. It was like even the interview was a metaphor for his message...

And I was not disappointed.

Daniel has a knack for sharing his stories in a way that having leaning in, wanting to know what happens next. His firm focus on the vision that lies ahead, leaves you with the conviction - it's GOING to happen - and I could be a part of it when it does! He leads with vulnerability, but beneath his humility is a focussed tenacity and conviction that compels you to believe along with him.

There is a synergistic echo between what Daniel and I are both trying to achieve.

My mission is to co-create 10,000 success stories - his mission is to create a world where no-one lives in extreme poverty - but in both cases, it is empowering other people to make a difference that makes it work.

After you've listened to this episode, there's 3 (or maybe 4) things I'd like you to do:

  1. Go get Chapter One - it's STILL available for a 'pay what you want' price (link below)

  2. Go get Chapter Zero - this is a profound insight into what matters most to Thank you - but also an amazing demonstration of the importance of 'going backwards to go forwards'

  3. Check out this social post - it's hilarious - follow Thank You (if you don't already) and then share it with your friends - they'll laugh too :)

  4. And if you're a high achiever (like I know you are!) leave a comment below - tell me your biggest takeaway or favourite story from this episode.


Links and sources mentioned in this episode:


"The answers you need are never very far away - you just need to know the right questions to ask."

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