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Celebrating 'Zac Forever Young' - with Kevin Young

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November 13, 2023

This week we got to chat with Kevin Young - who is the father of Zac Young, who sadly passed away in a shark attack 10 years ago - but as Kevin, points out, Zac DIDN'T pass away - as in, cease to exist, but he actually passed OVER - into a new realm - into eternity!

And, as you will hear in this interview, and in the upcoming documentary about Zac's life, God is able to redeem even the most tragic of circumstances.

This is a very raw and real conversation.

Kevin is a good friend of mine, who wears his heart on his sleeve and is ALWAYS honest and authentic about what is on his heart, and so you'll get to hear the highs and the lows of this epic story - but also, you'll hear just how excited Kevin is about what's coming up!

On the 24th November there is going to be a big celebration at the Town Beach Amphitheatre - and then early on the 25th we all will be heading down to Town Beach again for what we believe is going to be - the World's Biggest Paddle Out, a Guinness World Record Book attempt (needs to beat 511)

Listen to Kevin's amazing story, and then go and visit Love and Life Media group to find out more how you can be a part of the story.


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