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Bold Existence - with Adele Grobler

Gifts from the Edge Podcast

September 11, 2023

From her rebel years, questioning if God was good or even real, Adele came to the edge of herself - wondering if life was worth living. In a season of desperation and inspired by a video left by her sister, she challenged God to "do any better".

He did! Listen here or on Spotify to find out more. (Don't forget to Follow me!)

In this episode Adele shares how a career-ending injury launched her new path into full time ministry as a teacher and prophetic voice to more than 34,000 subscribers across the globe.

Her story shows us how, in God, nothing is ever wasted. Through seasons of poverty, struggle, and big shifts in direction, God has trained Adele into the woman she is today and birthed the Bold Existence ministry - including Eagle Hub and there's still more to come!


Links mentioned in this episode:


"The answers you need are never very far away - you just need to know the right questions to ask."

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