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Tools for Inner Healing - with Amber Chappell

Inner Healing with Amber Chappell

December 18, 2023

I recently went along to a special rite of passage event at the edge of the river in Wauchope. It has been a place of life and renewal and healing for millenia, so it was kind of a beautiful place to be, gathering to celebrate, and after the baptism and prayers, there were some questions posed - about 'what is love?' and in random small groups we explored these ideas.

'What is love?' took us to 'who is God?' and 'how do we show love?' and (very importantly) what is the inner-condition from which we can love others...

One young mum in our small group was Amber Chappell, whom I'd never really met before, but at this beautiful setting by the river, I listened intently to her as she unfolded a super-natural level of understanding about who God is, and how we can love from a place of healing and security - and I honestly felt I could have listened to her for hours!

(As you know) Sofia and I are pretty passionate about personal development and growth - and yet, this encounter left us both wondering, how does someone so young, have such a deep understanding of healing and that state that we all strive to find, of being able to love freely?

About a month later I joined in a workshop that Amber was delivering on 'Journalling'

- and it all made sense!

She talked about her background. The challenges she's overcome.

AND she talked about HOW she did it - and I thought - I've got to get her on the podcast and share some of this with you all!

This is what 'Gifts From the Edge' is all about - meeting with people who have walked in the wilderness or off the mainstream path - and because of that, have gifts to share with us all.

I KNOW that Amber will work in this field one day. I KNOW that she has inner-healing woven into her bones and that her story of helping others will be a glorious tale of the redemptive power of God... - but right now, she is pouring herself into the mum-role (and studying counselling) and so she doesn't have a business or website that I can send you to...

Instead Amber has decided to just share her resources freely with you!

It's a powerful how-to journalling guide.

Just leave your name and email and it'll get sent directly to you.



"The answers you need are never very far away - you just need to know the right questions to ask."

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