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Purple Skies

UNLOCK THE FUTURE just 7 days!

My signature program is the MX90 BREAKTHROUGH coaching experience.

My clients get incredible, life-changing results.

But I can accept, that it's a big jump from seeing me on-stage, or hearing me on a podcast, or even reading my book - to investing a couple of thousand dollars for a coaching package.

I get that.

A former client of mine challenged me to come up with a coaching program that included all the 'best bits' of the 90 day experience - and deliver it all in just 7 days!

"Impossible!" I thought.

But then I kept thinking.

Then I began research, compiling, cutting, and re-designing...



This experience begins with a free goal-setting and discovery session with Andrew.

With that head start, MX07 UNLOCK is then created over 2 x 90 minutes sessions within a 7 day period.

It is a rapid coaching intensive designed to get maximum results in minimal time.

The first session includes:

  • Strength profiling (based on the Quiz results)

  • A core-value discovery

  • A personalised Lifestyle Design audit

  • A personalised Lifestyle Design strategy session

  • Mindset Training (with practical activities)

Within 48 hours you will be sent a personalised 7-day personal discovery and mindset training regime.

The second session includes:

  • Discussion and feedback from the week

  • Identifying your support network

  • Identifying strategic alliances

  • Refining your 90-day goal statement


You will walk away from this 7-day intensive with confidence, enthusiasm, and a burning motivation to put your ideas into action and to build upon what you've learned.

IF you decide to level-up to the MX90 - BREAKTHROUGH - then the cost of the MX07 - UNLOCK will be deducted from your invoice.


This is literally a life-changing investment in your future.

It is designed for those ready to play a bigger game and get a premium level of coaching support.

MX90 is a holistic coaching experiences that explores all 6 Lifestyle Domains:

  • Business & Finance

  • Health & Fitness

  • Fun & Adventure

  • Family Dynamics

  • Romantic Connection

  • Physical Spaces

and ensures that you are 'winning' in all that you do.

MX90 is 10 x 75 minutes sessions over a 90 day (3 month) period and goes through 5 key phases:

  • Maximised Identity

  • Maximised Mindset

  • Lifestyle Design

  • Habits & Accountability

  • Flying Solo

AND THEN there's more...

You end the 90 days with a strategic plan to keep your momentum focussed and on-track for the NEXT 90 days as well!

Andrew remains available for support and will check in at the end of the 'Flying Solo' phase to reflect on the amazing results you've achived and help you set even bigger goals for the next chapter.


learning  |  lifedesign  |  leadership


NSW, Australia


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