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The Family Game Plan - with François Haasbroek

January 19, 2024

I'm excited. Tomorrow I'm running the ACTIVATE 2024 workshop - a course for believers to find out WHO they are, and then take smart strategic action steps to see more of God's kingdom flourishing in their life.

A HUGE part of this, is how do enrich and empower our family life - as a TEAM.

That's Francois Haasbroek's passion and expertise.

So often, we put time and energy into our work and making money - as though that was the key that was going to unlock our problems...

THAT was the dilemma François found himself in.

Working 10+ hour days, stuck in front of a computer - ironically building happiness, joy and connection in work cultures all across Australia - but not setting the example he wanted to set for his kids and family.

Francois has made some big, bold shifts, and 'The Family Vision' & 'The Family Game Plan' is the result.

The Family Vision Statement Guide is a powerful tool to help you start building a positive culture in your family.

(Use the code 'FAMILY' to get 50% off at checkout)

"We are so used to being a group of individuals, each doing their own thing. It's time to recognise our family as THE most important team we are a part of - and intentionally build that team to be the best they can be."

In this episode you're going to hear:

  • Why it's important to intentionally lead your family

  • Why having a Vision is important and how to create it

  • The value of family meetings

  • The value of family retreats

  • How you can shift the culture dynamics in your family right now


Links from this episode:


"The answers you need are never very far away - you just need to know the right questions to ask."

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